We are located at 117 West Keller Street in the Borough of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. 


Parking, including handicapped parking, is available along the streets, in the lot behind the Church, and in the paved lot at the corner of Coover and High Streets.

Which Doors to Use...

We have lots of exterior doors at our church! We know this can be confusing at times, and we try our best to help our guests find their way around.

The main entrance doors to the sanctuary are located on West Keller Street. There are sidewalks leading up to these doors as well as a handicapped accessibility ramp located on High Street. An additional side entrance to the sanctuary is located on High Street. An entrance to the church and Sunday School rooms is located in the center of the church on Keller Street (not handicapped accessible.) An additional handicapped accessibility ramp is located at the rear entrance of the church (Coover Street side).   

The church office entrance is located to the far left of the front of the church on Keller Street. The doors are locked during week days so you will need to use the buzzer to request admission or contact the church office at (717) 766-4482. For worship services and other major events, the doors are typically unlocked.